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Sara B

September 7, 2010

It must be a Sara B weekend.

First off hi everyone.  Sorry I was gone for the last two days.  My best friend was in town and I just enjoyed time with him.  What can I say it was nice to have a life break.  However, that life break is leaving me very behind right know.  I woke up not feeling so well at 7:00 and didn’t muster the power to get out of bed until 8:30.  I only have one class on Tuesday so today is pretty laid back but I need to open a bank account and then I’m headed home to close my home bank account.  Plus go for a run and finally finish the homework I didn’t get done.

Oh and it’s a Sara B weekend.  It’s my best friend Sarah B’s birthday and my very favorite singer songwriter Sara Bareilles’s new CD came out today!  I’m in love with it

My favorite song on the new CD!  Love this girl’s music so much.  Always hits home.

On a health note I’ve been fighting with my skin for the last few weeks.  I know the stress of moving hasn’t helped. . . .  I wanted to get some reccomendations.  I have normal to oily skin and am very easily prone to blemishes.

So ladies. . .  What do you use?

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