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The Wrath of Wednesday

September 9, 2010

30 Days of Self Love Post

I found myself doing this today many times. My Wednesdays are crazy busy so I have to post at night but this is the perfect reflection question. I feel like I want to appear perfect. I start every morning with a very step by step makeup process to “hide my flaws”. . . I went to class. . . School is a place I seek perfection. Often I find the perfection I’m seeking at school actually causes me to do worse. In chem lab I messed up my chart. . .I could feel my stress rise. However messing up my chart meant someone had to help me and I made a friend. I babysit everyday for a 4th grader and a 7th grader. I want so badly for them to not walk in the door and turn on the TV. I feel like a failure when the do. I need to open my eyes and see that it’s not up to me. . . I can only suggest things and try. . . and a 7th grade girl is a hard age. . . Even tonight, I at one point decided I needed to just get through some problems and accept that I may not be perfect at my homework. I know what I need to learn for the test and I needed to move on. However, seeing a bad grade made me sick to my stomach

Just to give you a run down of my day.  It’s 11:06 and I decided it was finally time to post.  While Wednesdays are packed to the brim I did have some good things happen

I made a friend!

I enjoyed 6 happy miles!

and I made dinner

Whenever I feel like my day is getting out of control a healthy dinner can really recenter me.  I’ve had a spigetti squash on my counter for about a week.  Tonight I couldn’t wait any longer

about 15 minutes in the microwave

Yep plenty of leftovers!  But the squash was only a dollar so if I have to throw some out it’s not a big deal

Putting the meal together

I added some roasted eggplant and broccoli

plus about a bucket of tomato sauce

YUM!  I actually felt the carb overload feel when I finished this plate of non pasta!  It hit the spot though.  It also made me feel better about doing horribly on my econ homework.  Sometimes you just have to concentrate on what your good at right. . .

I’m excited about Thursday!  In food lab we are baking snicker doodles (yes people in my class have never baked cookies) and I’m having my childhood best friend over for dinner.  We spent a good portion of years 1 through 12 together and happened to run into each other the the grocery store.  I didn’t even know she lived in town.

Anyway I need to go to bed.  I set my alarm clock for 7:00 cause I want a little extra sleep

Question:  What do you cook when you are having someone over and you don’t know what foods they like?

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