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September 12, 2010

This day always makes me want to barf.  It’s been 9 years but I think my Memory will always be so vivid.  I didn’t know what to do- how to remember- so writing seems like the best idea

9 years ago today I walked into my 8th grade history class.  My teacher had just turned the TV on.  In fact he was reaching up with the ruler to hit the power button.  The second plane hit the building.  We watched I was so young I had no idea was going on.  I don’t think the magnitude of the day hit me until years after.

I remember some teachers let us watch the news and other didn’t.  I actually remember my english teacher telling us there was no new news so we needed to have class.  My Algebra teacher, who was a little heartless, ignored the event all together.

Our principal came over the loud speaker and made an announcement.  I remember her voice.

At the end of the day all practices were canceled.  I can remember sitting in the back of my oldest brothers car with my three brothers driving home.  This was most likely the only time we ever drove home together from school (practices).  Nate, my little brother, was in 2nd grade.  No one told them what had happened so we were filling him in.

I remember we had tuna for dinner.  My Mom and great aunt (who has since passed away) went to a prayer service.  While they were another great aunt called to tell us my second cousin who worked in the towers was fine.  I remember studying for a Math quiz.  Watching the news with my brothers.

The day has almost a sepia tone shot by shot photograph feeling for me.

My second brother is in Afghanistan right now.  I think that makes this day even harder.  The haunted feeling seems not to be leaving easily.

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