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I am in fact a little more country than that

September 13, 2010

This video makes my mouth water.  All I want to do is go fishing and find a man who drives a truck because he hauls things.  Oh and they baseball cap.  I think I’ve watched it 15 times while studying today.  Remember, I grew up on a farm.  I am in fact a little more country than that

At Mass today we sang Amazing Grace which reminds me of my grandparents house and the south (middle Tennessee, we own the house but they have passed away).  SO today I’m wishing my southern side could come out

My Friends in TN last fallMy friends in TN last fall.

Not sure why but I keep hearing this song on the radio so I though I’d roll with it.

While I spent most of the studying (or pretending to study) I did get a few things done including a bike ride, mass, a phone call, a run, and a grocery store trip.

I had a snack around 3:00 as I talked to my friend Ian on the Phone

My Dad brought me the apples from the orchard our family goes to.  It was very good.  Had the orchard apple tartness

After pumping out seven miles I went to the store.  Look what I found

a birthday present for a friend who I miss baking with

and other goodies. . .  Tilapia!  I’ve been missing fish

Butternut Squash- look for some butternut squash soup soon

and finally

PUMPKIN!  YEAH YEAH- I only live an hour form Libby’s plant so I’m guessing we were able to get it a little early.  I plan to have some Tuesday oh PUMPKIN oats welcome back to my life

Dinner was easy and vegged me out 🙂
unplated, broccoli, brussels, and sweet potato

mmmm. . .  veggies I do love thee- I added some ketchup to the potato’s cause they got dry in the oven

finally dessert

what can I say it tastes like a melted milk shake!  Love very vanilla soy milk

Okay I have the most important chapter for my test to finish.

Be prepared I have a blog post coming thats kind of emotional this week


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