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My first Bill

September 14, 2010

So before I headed out to babysit today I paid my first bill (yes I know I am 22).  I’ve paid rent in the past but never a bill.  This is the only bill in my name at this apartment.

Just thought I’d share this life changing moment with all of you. . .  let the bills come in (but first please let me make some money so I can pay those bills)

I had class form 5:30 until 8:30 so I had to do some interesting dinner swings

first their was the early snack

iced tea and an apple

late dinner

All through class I was craving PB and J.  Who the heck knows why.  So what did I eat- PB and J of course.  BTW I’m a Apricot Jam kinda girl.

I added some yogurt

which counted both as a milk serving and dessert -Although I nabbed a few marshes later in the night.

Well folks, my eyes hurt.  It’s time for this ellaroo (mix between an elephant and kangaroo it’s what my family calls me) to go to bed

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