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Better late than never

September 15, 2010

Wednesdays are my crazy day.  Especially when I wake up late (ah lah 7:00 instead of 6:30).  So I ate basically the fastest meal ever and ran out the doo

cottage cheese (2% milk) and an apple from the orchard.  I actually didn’t even have time to finish my coffee 😦  But I made it to class

After Chem and Econ I made a stop at a coffee shop called The Coffeehound . I was originally going to just get coffee cause I didn’t get to finish mine.  But then I saw this

and I thought UMMMM Yep gotta have.  It’s whole wheat, made with spenda, and did I mention blueberry?  Twas amazing

Around noon before I headed into lab I snacked on half the balance bar I packed

When I got home I was going to finish the bar but decided I needed some more fruit

So I went with some grapes.

I’m sorry this blog was posted so late.  Wednesdays will just be like that.  I actually only had time to post this because I got out of lab early.

Gotta go get the kids.  I have one more picture for you that I think you’ll like

The boy in the air is my little brother.  He doesn’t think it’s a good picture cause he didn’t get a goal.  I however think it’s really cool!  How often do people catch sports moments like this!

Two of my three brothers played (or play) soccer in High School.  My oldest brother played football.  I ran- My Mom jokes that we couldn’t pick the same thing cause we had been competing with each other our whole lives

What sports did you play in High School?

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