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September 16, 2010

Okay first off, I’m sorry for the boring food you are about to witness.  I’m really really sorry.  I however have had a great Future Dietician Day!

Breakfast- boring

Woops I actually deleted the picture- sorry

It was simple a chunk of whole wheat bread and some Brown Cow Greek Yogurt.

SO I had a lot of FND fun today.  We had our fall cookout which was a blast.  We talked about programing and internships and chem (the vain of our existance).  Loved the girl chat

and I even got to continue to the girl chat!  Jen one of the girls in my class and I went to lunch!  The FND cookout had hotdogs but let me just tell you I’m not really a hot dog girl (and neither is Jen)

We hit up McAllister’s and I had a cup of chicken toritilla soup.  I actually didn’t love the soup but I loved the company.  When Jen ordered Iced Tea I knew we would be friends.  I actually feel like I had to watch myself cause I didn’t want to overwhelm her.  Clearly this girl (ME)  hasn’t had girl time in a long time.

Anyway- GO FND

Had a cancel for babysitting on Tuesday which is actually great news!  I have a chem test Wednesday so I can remain a little calmer and do more cramming (just telling the truth).

Oh and did I mention I might have had a cookie

There were to in the pack but I just had one.  I’ll save the other for another time

Okay chem I’ve been putting you off as long as I can!  1.5 hours of chem mean I can go for a run!

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