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Brrr. . . It’s cold in here

September 17, 2010

Okay so maybe not that cold – but cool.  I love when the weather turns a little bit but right now it’s just making me cold.  It’s that weather were you have to take a shower after you run because the little bit of sweat starts to freeze you (that would be me right now).

I headed out to run around 5:00 and took advantage of the weather cool off.  I ran 8 cool miles and then came in.  I let my body cool off a little bit and then decided to warm it up a little with some soup

butternut squash soup!  I really love this stuff

Plus some homemade bread and butter and a huge glass of melted ice cream vanilla soy milk.  This stomach is full and happy.  Of course, not so full to skip dessert!  I grew up with my Mom okay.  I finished off dinner with the other cookie from the package from lunch.  It was not an amazing cookie (as prepackaged cookies tend to be) but it satisfied my sweet tooth.

Well folks, I think I need to shower and warm my bones up.

So I had soup today twice.  Soup is my favorite cold weather food

What is your favorite Cold Weather food?

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