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IPOD running a do or a don’t

September 17, 2010

Breakfast was easy and simple this morning

An Apple and cottage cheese!

Plus more pumpkin coffee.  I feel like my pretty coffee has stopped happening because it’s just simpler to do easy coffee.  Oh and sorry for the food repeats you keep seeing- I am trying to clean out my fridge a little and go to the G Store only once a week these days.  It’s easier to keep a budget that way.  The orchard apples (from a few weeks ago) are starting to get soft.  Good thing I’m headed some and to the orchard again this week!  More on that in a soon

As I was taking a chem quiz (which I got a 5/5 on!) I had a half a flat out wrap

for some carb power!

So I’m waiting on my IPod to charge before I run and it makes me want to ask.  Are IPods a do or a don’t for runners?

As a long time runner (10 years) I have seen the IPod running start and take off.  A lot of my old school running friends are very anti IPod running, but I’m in the middle- I thought I’d make a Pro and Con list and see what you thing



for some it helps with their pace


Safety- people don’t always hear cars, buses, bikers, race officials . . . .

It takes camaraderie out of running

For me these are the major Pro’s and Con’s.  I’m actually not an IPod runner very often.  I grew up in the old school running mind.  While I do use my IPod sometimes it’s usually as a celebration or when I don’t feel like running (maybe once a week).

There are a few things I HATE about Ipod running

I hate when I see two people running side by side with their IPods.  Running is a social activity, take out the ear buds and have a conversation.  My best friends are runners because we run together.  Conversation doesn’t have to be deep. . .  It can simply be the occasional good job and talk about your run.  I have run all my long runs with the same few people and we still manage to chat (or sing) for 20 miles.  Some of my best conversations are on the run.

I hate when people race with IPods. Honestly the Chicago Marathon was my least favorite race because of IPod runners.  At Boston there were very few IPod runners so I spent the race getting to know people (mostly old men).  We were able to encourage each other.  Chicago was not like this.

Races are, in my opinion, a collective chance for humanity to celebrate life. When you are in your own world listening to music you really miss out on this and those around you struggle also.


I feel like this is controversial and I want to hear from you

What do you think of IPod running?

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  1. September 17, 2010 7:28 pm

    I wouldn’t run with an Ipod in a race or running with others thats for certain. I think if I was on a longer run I would need one though for motivation and distraction. Shorter runs – it would be nice to just be with my thoughts.

  2. September 18, 2010 1:21 am

    As a newbie runner without a running partner I like to run with my iPod in. It passes the time for me and really blocks out the negative chatter that can easily creep up on me. I usually have it quite low and I always take out my earbuds near the road.

    I’m doing my first 5K in a couple of weeks and I won’t be wearing it then. I want to hear the other runners, their stories and their enthusiasm

    • September 18, 2010 2:02 pm

      Suzanne! First Off CONGRATS! I’m so excited to read about your first 5K. Also I totally understand using an IPD for motivation-it does help and puts me in a good mood. Second I’m glad you will be taking in the race, trust me it’ll be awesome!

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