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Body Ache

September 20, 2010

My Body really aches from the race yesterday.  It was wet and slippery so I think my whole core had to work extra hard.  I decided the best workout for today (and short that can be split up so I have study breaks) is Yoga.  I’m using Hulu excercise TV yoga workouts.  They are about 20 minutes and I did cardio Yoga.  I think I’ll try to get another one in tonight.

Speaking of the race- I have not photo’s (sorry forgot my camera) but I do have my results

21. 905 15K Ellie Lawrence Normal IL 22 F 1:14:20 7:59

thats just under 8:00 minute pace.  Not my best but it’s a start.  Plus the weather was not really great and the road was very slippery.  MattyD, my friend who I ran with, also ran a slow time.  Conditions may effect us a little.  When I looked up my results I felt really young.  The women around me were in the mid thirties.  I’ve got some future huh!  Hope I’m like then in a few years

Point of lunch today was to get a few fruits and veggies in while also getting some protein

spinach, salsa, egg white, brocoli on a flat out wrap

with a pear

hit the spot and filled all my requirements for a lunch.  A fruit, a veggie, a few carbs, and some protein

SO back to the race

Question of the Day

What do you do when your body aches after a workout?

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