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Heat broken

September 25, 2010

For whatever reason my heart is a little broken.  I have to say- this happens sometimes.  I don’t want to go into many details but lets just say- It sucks when you are not the one picked

Whenever this happens music from Les Miserables always seems to help (is that depressing? cause it isn’t supposed to be)

my two favorites are

On My Own

and I Dreamed a Dream

Yes those are both the Glee versions.  Listening to the words always helps.  I know they are depressing but it makes me feel better to validate my feelings than have a “everything will get better” attitude sometimes

Okay eats for the last few days

soup, cottage cheese, and tortilla chips

tuna hummus and cucumber

My LOVE for cottage cheese seems to keep growing!  Cottage cheese amazing, a little more protein than greek yogurt and a little less sugar!  Gotta love that

Okay folks I promise I’ll be back.  I think my heart has healed a little 🙂  Time will only tell

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  1. September 26, 2010 10:20 pm

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better. And if someone didn’t pick you, then that just means there’s something and someone even better along the way. 😉

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