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Crazy Easy

September 28, 2010

Today has been more busy than I thought it would be.  This could be because I primped more than ususall  hmmmm, yep I’d say that it

Breakfast came out of the freezer

A leftover pumpkin pancake form this weekend and coffee!  I love this pancake mix

It’s easy and the pancakes come out amazing.  I grew up on “real” pancakes (aka flour egg . . .) and bought pancake mix on a wim.  Glad I did cause while scratch pancakes are SO easy, this is even easier.

We added pumpkin which made them even better.  Reheated and they still taste amazing (minus syrup!)

I then studied chemistry- yikes- and ran.  I had planned a 7 miler but for some odd reason my stomach was not happy.  SO I walked one mile and only ran 6.

When I got home I could tell dehydration was my problem.  My sweat was SO salty (tmi maybe?).  SO Lunch needed to do some hydrating

and some homemade bread I tore off the loaf while blending

this green monster is :1 cup skim milk, 1 cup water, handful spinach, banana, and muscle milk light

SO I’m headed to my little brothers soccer game

Go Sages

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