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September 28, 2010

How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
William Shakespeare

When I study I almost always have a candle burning.  I’m open to all candles that smell amazing.  Although I have to say my favorite are warm smells like vanilla, baked goods, and pumpkin.

On my desk at this very moment I have three candles.  The first one, burning at this moment, is a harvest smell from Dollar General.  It actually smells amazing but it going to be gone so quickly.  I’m a hard-core candle burner

I also have

A pumpkin spice candle from Target.  Oh and that is the red nail polish I painted my nails to remind me to be BOLD

and a Clean Linen Candle from Glade

My neighbors smoke and this candle does some damage control when that horrible scent drifts into my room (sorry smokers, it’s just annoying to nonsmokers)

Lunch today btw was easy and amazing

the wrap is 1/2 can tuna, a flat out tortilla wrap, spinach, salsa, and hummus with some red bell pepper for a little extra color and crunch!

About an hour later I wanted a snack and decided an apple was in order

Twas a tiny apple compared to the honkers I usually eat

After babysitting and taking a test (and getting out of class 2 hours early!) I started a chapter on Soup, salad, and gels for my food preparation class.  So of course, soup was needed

Leftover Chicken Noodle I made for Sarah and I Saturday night

and a side of an English muffin

oh and a carrot while I was reheating my dinner

For dessert I decided to try something new!  But I think my expectations were for a great chocolaty experience

and instead got a normal kind of blah tasting protein bar 😦  Oh well guess you can’t get everything.  I finished it off but mostly cause may day was a little low in protein.  Ahh darn

Okay folks

back to the early confession about my love for candles.  Cause I go through about three a week (kidding kind of).

What is your favorite candle scent?

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