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HI 🙂

My name is Ellie and I just graduated with my Bachelors in Social Work and am will start my Post Bacc in Nutrition and Dietetics.  With that comes a summer at home and in the corn field working hard for my Dad and saving every last penny!  SO what you ask is this blog?  I’m a past cowgirl (for real I showed cows in the 4H fair)!

Yep that is ME 🙂 After a childhood on a hobby farm (my Dad has a non farmer job but we had animals and a huge garden just for the fun of it) I took a new path and moved to a city in the mid west!  I spent the next four years of college loving city life and trying all kinds of new things/learning to cross busy streets

Street dances are my favorite!  SO I went to festivals and I studied HARD-but at one point I had a revelation.  I did not want to be a social worker-or I did not JUST want to be a social worker.  I also want to be a dietitian!  I believe that the a person can not thrive (social work word) without proper nutrition.  SO I’m going to do my post bacc in dietetics!  I’ll head to a state school this fall and begin a new life (yikes!)

At the same time- My life has changed in other ways.  I’m a long distance runner (4 marathons- St. Louis, Grand Rapids, Boston, and Chicago)!

My PR is 3:26:17.  I started running 10 years ago and I love it.  However, my body has taken a hit this year.  While training for my 5th marathon I had IT band issues and bursitis 😦  SO I’m in PT and eventually will be back to running.  For know I’m swimming and biking and elipticalling (not a word).

SO while I try to be a city girl-I am after all a cowgirl who loves to read, run, hike, and dare myself to try new things

love and peace


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