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cram chem in the corner

September 20, 2010

I’m cramming chem in every corner of my day so please expect short posts for the next few days.  I take every 20 minutes I get

weekend was amazing and came away with a age group prize from the 15K I did

My pace was just under 8:00 minutes- I finished in 75 minutes.  While it was a good come back race I know I really have my work cut out for me.  I’d like to be running 7:30’s soon!

Breakfast this AM was my favorite

PB and Banana Bread (microwave for 20 seconds. . . and let PB get gooey!

I’m trying to avoid going to the G store until I finish my test so please put up with my creativity.

Well folks- coffee and study for a few more minutes before I head to class.



arrrggg. . . protein

September 18, 2010

SO confession.  As a single 22 year old I don’t eat a lot of protein.  I just don’t.  It’s not easy and on hand.  It takes a little extra effort to prepare.  I’m really bad about meat, but it’s everything in reality.  I also know as a long distance runner I have a been taught to be a little bit of a carboholic.

Last night when I was babysitting I brought women health to read.  I picked up the magazine cause Carrie Underwood was on the cover.  I love her personality and I think her body is amazing.  Plus I like that she lost the weight she put on in college and during idol in a healthy way (she writes down what she eats and talks about how much she loves mexican and pizza from time to time).  Basically I just like that she is real with her weight loss and health.

anyway. . . .   I also read an article on Protein.  That article stated that women who increase their protein intake by 30% lost an average of 14 lbs.  While I’m not in the market to loose 14lbs I am always in the market to lean up.

SO Wanna help?  I need to up my protein.

We will get to that in a second

I wanted to show you how green my green monster was yesterday.  Most likely the greenest green monster I’ve ever had.   I had a lot of spinach to get rid of before I left for the weekend

WOW it was Green Green

Anyway. . . breakfast this morning was high protein 🙂

cottage cheese (which contains 14 g of protein 🙂  and a pear.  The pears were $1 per pound.  I’m a girl who can’t say no to that

Well Friends, I’m off.  I have chem to study for (even though I don’t want to) and a good friend is coming to visit.  I won’t be back until Sunday evening so have a wonderful weekend

Can’t wait to update ya’ll on my weekend!

But before I go

How do You Add protein to your diet?  Tips for me please

I leave you with a little Florence and the Machine who I am know obsessed with

IPOD running a do or a don’t

September 17, 2010

Breakfast was easy and simple this morning

An Apple and cottage cheese!

Plus more pumpkin coffee.  I feel like my pretty coffee has stopped happening because it’s just simpler to do easy coffee.  Oh and sorry for the food repeats you keep seeing- I am trying to clean out my fridge a little and go to the G Store only once a week these days.  It’s easier to keep a budget that way.  The orchard apples (from a few weeks ago) are starting to get soft.  Good thing I’m headed some and to the orchard again this week!  More on that in a soon

As I was taking a chem quiz (which I got a 5/5 on!) I had a half a flat out wrap

for some carb power!

So I’m waiting on my IPod to charge before I run and it makes me want to ask.  Are IPods a do or a don’t for runners?

As a long time runner (10 years) I have seen the IPod running start and take off.  A lot of my old school running friends are very anti IPod running, but I’m in the middle- I thought I’d make a Pro and Con list and see what you thing



for some it helps with their pace


Safety- people don’t always hear cars, buses, bikers, race officials . . . .

It takes camaraderie out of running

For me these are the major Pro’s and Con’s.  I’m actually not an IPod runner very often.  I grew up in the old school running mind.  While I do use my IPod sometimes it’s usually as a celebration or when I don’t feel like running (maybe once a week).

There are a few things I HATE about Ipod running

I hate when I see two people running side by side with their IPods.  Running is a social activity, take out the ear buds and have a conversation.  My best friends are runners because we run together.  Conversation doesn’t have to be deep. . .  It can simply be the occasional good job and talk about your run.  I have run all my long runs with the same few people and we still manage to chat (or sing) for 20 miles.  Some of my best conversations are on the run.

I hate when people race with IPods. Honestly the Chicago Marathon was my least favorite race because of IPod runners.  At Boston there were very few IPod runners so I spent the race getting to know people (mostly old men).  We were able to encourage each other.  Chicago was not like this.

Races are, in my opinion, a collective chance for humanity to celebrate life. When you are in your own world listening to music you really miss out on this and those around you struggle also.


I feel like this is controversial and I want to hear from you

What do you think of IPod running?

Brrr. . . It’s cold in here

September 17, 2010

Okay so maybe not that cold – but cool.  I love when the weather turns a little bit but right now it’s just making me cold.  It’s that weather were you have to take a shower after you run because the little bit of sweat starts to freeze you (that would be me right now).

I headed out to run around 5:00 and took advantage of the weather cool off.  I ran 8 cool miles and then came in.  I let my body cool off a little bit and then decided to warm it up a little with some soup

butternut squash soup!  I really love this stuff

Plus some homemade bread and butter and a huge glass of melted ice cream vanilla soy milk.  This stomach is full and happy.  Of course, not so full to skip dessert!  I grew up with my Mom okay.  I finished off dinner with the other cookie from the package from lunch.  It was not an amazing cookie (as prepackaged cookies tend to be) but it satisfied my sweet tooth.

Well folks, I think I need to shower and warm my bones up.

So I had soup today twice.  Soup is my favorite cold weather food

What is your favorite Cold Weather food?

September 16, 2010

Okay first off, I’m sorry for the boring food you are about to witness.  I’m really really sorry.  I however have had a great Future Dietician Day!

Breakfast- boring

Woops I actually deleted the picture- sorry

It was simple a chunk of whole wheat bread and some Brown Cow Greek Yogurt.

SO I had a lot of FND fun today.  We had our fall cookout which was a blast.  We talked about programing and internships and chem (the vain of our existance).  Loved the girl chat

and I even got to continue to the girl chat!  Jen one of the girls in my class and I went to lunch!  The FND cookout had hotdogs but let me just tell you I’m not really a hot dog girl (and neither is Jen)

We hit up McAllister’s and I had a cup of chicken toritilla soup.  I actually didn’t love the soup but I loved the company.  When Jen ordered Iced Tea I knew we would be friends.  I actually feel like I had to watch myself cause I didn’t want to overwhelm her.  Clearly this girl (ME)  hasn’t had girl time in a long time.

Anyway- GO FND

Had a cancel for babysitting on Tuesday which is actually great news!  I have a chem test Wednesday so I can remain a little calmer and do more cramming (just telling the truth).

Oh and did I mention I might have had a cookie

There were to in the pack but I just had one.  I’ll save the other for another time

Okay chem I’ve been putting you off as long as I can!  1.5 hours of chem mean I can go for a run!

Sub it

September 16, 2010

To night my food could be titled sub it.  I subbed some not so healthy things for some healthy things and got a really fun and filling meal!

Step one

Sub a hamburger for a veggie burger and a white bun for a whole wheat sandwich thin

sub 2- french fries for baked sweet potato fries

I also added some baked  yellow squash which didn’t actually have much flavor. . . Sigh

and finally I subbed ice cream for chocolate yogurt

I’m not sure these are any better for you than ice cream but at least it’s portion control right!

I like subbing food!  My parents have been doing it for years.  I had my first eggplant when I was 10 or so.  We still eat a lot of “normal” foods and I totally enjoy the splurge but I like to sub.

Hey check this out

and watch the third segment.  If you are new to nutrition check it ou

Okay so your turn

What are your favorite food subs?

Better late than never

September 15, 2010

Wednesdays are my crazy day.  Especially when I wake up late (ah lah 7:00 instead of 6:30).  So I ate basically the fastest meal ever and ran out the doo

cottage cheese (2% milk) and an apple from the orchard.  I actually didn’t even have time to finish my coffee 😦  But I made it to class

After Chem and Econ I made a stop at a coffee shop called The Coffeehound . I was originally going to just get coffee cause I didn’t get to finish mine.  But then I saw this

and I thought UMMMM Yep gotta have.  It’s whole wheat, made with spenda, and did I mention blueberry?  Twas amazing

Around noon before I headed into lab I snacked on half the balance bar I packed

When I got home I was going to finish the bar but decided I needed some more fruit

So I went with some grapes.

I’m sorry this blog was posted so late.  Wednesdays will just be like that.  I actually only had time to post this because I got out of lab early.

Gotta go get the kids.  I have one more picture for you that I think you’ll like

The boy in the air is my little brother.  He doesn’t think it’s a good picture cause he didn’t get a goal.  I however think it’s really cool!  How often do people catch sports moments like this!

Two of my three brothers played (or play) soccer in High School.  My oldest brother played football.  I ran- My Mom jokes that we couldn’t pick the same thing cause we had been competing with each other our whole lives

What sports did you play in High School?