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Crazy Easy

September 28, 2010

Today has been more busy than I thought it would be.  This could be because I primped more than ususall  hmmmm, yep I’d say that it

Breakfast came out of the freezer

A leftover pumpkin pancake form this weekend and coffee!  I love this pancake mix

It’s easy and the pancakes come out amazing.  I grew up on “real” pancakes (aka flour egg . . .) and bought pancake mix on a wim.  Glad I did cause while scratch pancakes are SO easy, this is even easier.

We added pumpkin which made them even better.  Reheated and they still taste amazing (minus syrup!)

I then studied chemistry- yikes- and ran.  I had planned a 7 miler but for some odd reason my stomach was not happy.  SO I walked one mile and only ran 6.

When I got home I could tell dehydration was my problem.  My sweat was SO salty (tmi maybe?).  SO Lunch needed to do some hydrating

and some homemade bread I tore off the loaf while blending

this green monster is :1 cup skim milk, 1 cup water, handful spinach, banana, and muscle milk light

SO I’m headed to my little brothers soccer game

Go Sages



September 28, 2010

How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
William Shakespeare

When I study I almost always have a candle burning.  I’m open to all candles that smell amazing.  Although I have to say my favorite are warm smells like vanilla, baked goods, and pumpkin.

On my desk at this very moment I have three candles.  The first one, burning at this moment, is a harvest smell from Dollar General.  It actually smells amazing but it going to be gone so quickly.  I’m a hard-core candle burner

I also have

A pumpkin spice candle from Target.  Oh and that is the red nail polish I painted my nails to remind me to be BOLD

and a Clean Linen Candle from Glade

My neighbors smoke and this candle does some damage control when that horrible scent drifts into my room (sorry smokers, it’s just annoying to nonsmokers)

Lunch today btw was easy and amazing

the wrap is 1/2 can tuna, a flat out tortilla wrap, spinach, salsa, and hummus with some red bell pepper for a little extra color and crunch!

About an hour later I wanted a snack and decided an apple was in order

Twas a tiny apple compared to the honkers I usually eat

After babysitting and taking a test (and getting out of class 2 hours early!) I started a chapter on Soup, salad, and gels for my food preparation class.  So of course, soup was needed

Leftover Chicken Noodle I made for Sarah and I Saturday night

and a side of an English muffin

oh and a carrot while I was reheating my dinner

For dessert I decided to try something new!  But I think my expectations were for a great chocolaty experience

and instead got a normal kind of blah tasting protein bar 😦  Oh well guess you can’t get everything.  I finished it off but mostly cause may day was a little low in protein.  Ahh darn

Okay folks

back to the early confession about my love for candles.  Cause I go through about three a week (kidding kind of).

What is your favorite candle scent?

Tired Soul

September 27, 2010

Last week when my friend MattyD came to visit I was rejuvinated when the week started.

This week my “sister” came to visit.  I have three best friends from college and after four years of life, love, and adventure we know live in different places.  I don’t think I knew how much I missed them until Sarah came to visit this weekend.  While she healed my soul she also made me miss her and the girls SO MUCH

So the fact that my chem class was confusing and I think I did kind of bad on my econ quiz this morning is really not that big of a deal.  I just miss my girls 😦

Really though, life is working out for me.  I pained my fingernails red after Sarah left to remind myself to

Be Bold Be Bold and Everywhere be BOLD

herbert spencer

Good thing I’m headed to Purdue this weekend to see one of my other “sisters”

Okay breakfast was easy cause someone slept in


Yep I kind of love cottage cheese

after class I decided I wanted to finish my breakfast in the form of a snack

a (okay two) cups of coffee and a kiwi.  I forgot how good kiwi’s are!

Alright folks- despite this tired soul I need to get motivated and study for an hour or two.  I think I’ll break for a run and then study a little more.  I have a test tonight!  Hopefully this one goes well.  I feel pretty good about it

Heat broken

September 25, 2010

For whatever reason my heart is a little broken.  I have to say- this happens sometimes.  I don’t want to go into many details but lets just say- It sucks when you are not the one picked

Whenever this happens music from Les Miserables always seems to help (is that depressing? cause it isn’t supposed to be)

my two favorites are

On My Own

and I Dreamed a Dream

Yes those are both the Glee versions.  Listening to the words always helps.  I know they are depressing but it makes me feel better to validate my feelings than have a “everything will get better” attitude sometimes

Okay eats for the last few days

soup, cottage cheese, and tortilla chips

tuna hummus and cucumber

My LOVE for cottage cheese seems to keep growing!  Cottage cheese amazing, a little more protein than greek yogurt and a little less sugar!  Gotta love that

Okay folks I promise I’ll be back.  I think my heart has healed a little 🙂  Time will only tell

Back to normal

September 22, 2010

First off I live in a town called normal so this is a little funny to me. . .  HA HA

I have my first chem exam in a hour.  I can’t wait to just be back to normal.  This will have to be short cause I have a few things to look over

first off sorry I studied through dinner last night and made a pb and j as I ran out the door.  But here is lunch

twas a pear, greek yogurt, and some banana bread (lets not even talk about how fast I’m flying through this stuff)

Today for breakfast I had a food blogger classic

Oats in a jar

with a little b suga (very little peanut butter was left in this jar)

Well folks- wish me luck!  Gonna look over everything for a little



September 21, 2010

Sorry no post last night!  I got frustrated and burned out and just went to bed.  Does that ever happen to you?

Class got out early so dinner was easy and also not eaten at 9:30

broccoli, sweet potato, and a chicken sausage. . .  It hit the spot

of course there was also dessert and some nibbles

I made coffee “ice cream” by using muscle milk light, milk, and coffee.  I put half in the freezer for another day.  I also nibbled some Honey Gram Oh’s.  Honestly when I’m studying I’m kind of a snacker.

Breakfast this morning was exactly what I wanted

Oatmeal!  Twas kind of cool this morning and the oats were warm and wonderful!  On the side I had a few dried figs

I’m running low on fruit so I thought this was a clever way to add a serving to my day.  Plus aren’t they kind of cute.  I like how they look just like fresh figs

Body Ache

September 20, 2010

My Body really aches from the race yesterday.  It was wet and slippery so I think my whole core had to work extra hard.  I decided the best workout for today (and short that can be split up so I have study breaks) is Yoga.  I’m using Hulu excercise TV yoga workouts.  They are about 20 minutes and I did cardio Yoga.  I think I’ll try to get another one in tonight.

Speaking of the race- I have not photo’s (sorry forgot my camera) but I do have my results

21. 905 15K Ellie Lawrence Normal IL 22 F 1:14:20 7:59

thats just under 8:00 minute pace.  Not my best but it’s a start.  Plus the weather was not really great and the road was very slippery.  MattyD, my friend who I ran with, also ran a slow time.  Conditions may effect us a little.  When I looked up my results I felt really young.  The women around me were in the mid thirties.  I’ve got some future huh!  Hope I’m like then in a few years

Point of lunch today was to get a few fruits and veggies in while also getting some protein

spinach, salsa, egg white, brocoli on a flat out wrap

with a pear

hit the spot and filled all my requirements for a lunch.  A fruit, a veggie, a few carbs, and some protein

SO back to the race

Question of the Day

What do you do when your body aches after a workout?